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Monday, May 15, 2017

I love podcasts - I need to listen to something while working, to be productive. Whether it's people talking, or soothing sounds, or music - something needs to keep the back of my busy head busy while I'm plucking away trying to be productive. And yes, I realize that's strange. I got into podcasts about 2 years ago when the twins were around 8 months old and we started going on walks around our neighborhood. They were babies then - so didn't demand too much attention while we perused and didn't speak to me back so instead of getting lost in my thoughts, I found that I liked listening to other people chat about random topics.

Around that time, I did a post on my favorite podcasts and some of them are still relevant. You can check out that list here. But I wanted to do an update of which podcasts I'm currently digging.

Young House Love Has a Blog - I love John and Sherry Petersik and their blog was such a huge home improvement hit. They've scaled back on the home improvements and blogging and have shifted to published two books (covering great DIY ideas!) and now a new podcast. I can listen to this married couple talk all day - they cover tips and tricks of things around the home, interview well-known designers, and their favorite products.

S-Town - A newish "whodunnit" podcast covering a small town and a murder of a local teen. All while the narrator hangs out with a colorful character - John B. Macklemore. 

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han - All about empowering women through a variety of tools in the creative process. Can't start? Unmotivated? Need to speak up? Tiffany connects with a variety of guests to discuss some of the basic steps we need to clear the clutter and get more creative.

Stuff You Should Know - Interested in why people itch? Or if someone can actually die from a broken heart? This podcast takes a deep dive into a variety of topics and things that we might never know the inner workings of. Super informative and great to have running while cleaning around the house ... like I use it for :) 

What are your favorite podcasts?

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