What Are You Living For?

Monday, May 22, 2017

I've been feeling stuck, lately. That I'm just moving ahead in life at a snail's pace - and not really living with color or passion. Surely, there's no drama in my life right now, no exciting build up working it's way into something, there's no electricity in the air around me. It's gotten me down - wondering what I'm living for? (not in the death way ... but in the what's my "why" way ... so relax!)

Life is about discovering your purpose. Some people learn this early on. Maybe they were born to be a musician and put their creative spirit out into the world. Maybe they were born to be a parent and raise super amazing human beings. Maybe their purpose is in enjoying the world's offerings and traveling so much that they've touched every corner of the world. Some of us - take a while to figure out what our "calling" is. I'm not religious at all - so I don't know if I believe in like God's purpose for us. But I do believe that we're here for something, right? I mean - otherwise, what's the point? But I digress.

So I've felt stuck. I heard a quote a while ago, "What is your why?" And it wasn't actually pertaining to our life's purpose but pertaining to our goals and why we are doing the things we're doing in life - or why we want certain things. Such as, "I want to lose weight" - ok, but why? What's driving that desire? And supposedly when you dig down deep into that - you'll discover your inner true motives and hopefully can start to work towards that better. I want to practice this with you.

Here's my thing - I DO want to lose weight. Why?

  • To feel good in my own skin
  • To not worry about how clothes fit
  • To chase after my kids in the long run
  • To be off medications that I've been on since giving birth nearly 3 years ago
  • To feel desirable to another human being
  • To be confident enough that my daughters see me as a role model
  • Because I don't feel like myself with my extra weight I'm carrying around
Looking at that list above, I notice that a big theme is self-esteem and confidence. So yes, I want to lose weight but really what I want is a better self-esteem, self-love and more confidence in my external appearance. Will losing weight fix all of that? Nope. It'll help, surely. But that's not the root of the issue, and I'm aware of that. I know that I have a lot of work to do in that arena - but I can take care of myself in the interim and that means taking care of my body. 

So what's your "thing"? What's your why? Let's dig in together.

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