Friday, June 2, 2017

Last week, I celebrated my 34th birthday. It was honestly the best birthday that I've had in years. The people I loved were there, the weather was fantastic, and it was just an overall good day. Birthdays have always been a huge thing for me. And thinking back on my last few, they were always overshadowed by something else going on. Not to say I need to be the center of attention - but meaning there were dark clouds over my personal life occurring around the same time so I wasn't able to fully appreciate the efforts by others when they did happen.

These first few years into my 30s have been nothing short of full of events. The year I turned 30, I got married. The year I turned 31, I had the twins. The year I turned 32, I was divorced. The year I turned 33, I shared my birthday with the first person who wasn't my ex-wife in 8 years. And then this year? 34? Well this year was perfectly normal. No drama happening, no distractions occurring, sweet nothing rocking the boat. And it was great to be able to relax, enjoy my time with my friends and my girls and just have a normal birthday.

I'm hoping 34 will be a great year - full of peace, self reflection, self-work and self-love. I deserve to have some time brought back into myself. To figure out what my mind and body need, and to focus on serving myself in the best way possible so that I can be the best me and the best mom for my girls. Who knows what's in store for my future. But I'm just really grateful that in the here and now - 34 is feeling pretty sweet.

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