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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I can't believe it's already been the 4th of July - we are knee-deep in summer ya'll. Why does this year feel like it's flying by so quickly? This is the first summer where I've been truly happy. One year I was battling the end of my marriage, the second year I was fighting for someone completely different to love me and this year? Well this year has been pretty drama free and I have loved every moment of it.

When I have the girls, I try to do fun things with them. So they get the benefit of fun things with both families since I know my ex does the same. Such lucky little ladies that have two parents that love them so much! If we're not swimming in the apartment complex pool, or hitting the local park, we have been adventuring to new places like a toddler amusement park, a forest preserve and even overnight in a hotel where we spent the entire day visiting and playing with new friends (my friends from college's kids)!! This is also the first year where I feel like the girls are old enough to be more mobile and experience new things. This "older" toddler phase has them more independent, and getting better at actual play with other kids that are around there age!

Walking around with nature!

Wrangling two wiggling toddlers for pictures!

Fun with boats at the toddler amusement park!
I'm so excited for the rest of our summer - we still have lots of fun activities planned and I can't wait to experience it all with them! Watching them have fun, learn new things and enjoy our time together is priceless!

How has your summer been?

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