On a walk - spring 2015

"Little Lady" fall family pics 2015

Hello! My name is Ashley and I'm a divorced, single mom to almost 3 year old twin girls! (oh my gosh I can't believe they're nearly 3!!) I just got through my first full year of being divorced and navigating this single life after being with my ex-partner for nearly 8 years (married for 2).

I'm a big city girl transplanted to the suburbs of Chicago, learning to navigate life, co-parenting and everything else that comes my way!

I used to blog at sunnysideshlee.com which I shut down when I was left uninspired in my life. But now I'm hoping to regain that outlet for my passion for writing, and share some of my ups and downs along the way. I love coffee, wine on ice and square shaped pizza.  I've been told I'm sarcastic, brutally honest and can wear my heart on my sleeve.

Thanks for stopping by!
me + the ladies | october 2014

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