Book Reviews

I love to read and it provides an excellent form of relaxation (and escape) during rough times in my life. It's great to fall in love with places and people and get lost in stories. Below, I'll keep track of the books I read, in one easy place. Maybe you can find a place to fall in love with too.

The Sometimes Daughter - a dive into a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. Can an unstable mother have a real relationship with her child? Will she stay or always go?

The Arrivals - three adult children return to their parent's home one summer - all battling personal issues. Ginny and William stand by to provide support and care for their children, while watching their entire home be taken over. Lillian arrives with her two young children in tow after discovering her husband was having an affair, Stephen and his pregnant work-aholic wife Jane stop in for a visit that ends up lasting much longer, and the youngest Rachel runs away from life in New York for some reprieve.

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert's deep dive into finding the creativity hiding deep inside you.

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